Interval Workouts or High Intensity Interval Training is a unique program where Tabata method is presented in the yoga practice. This incredibly efficient practice provides fast result that you can enjoy straight away after the first session is accomplished.
Here in this practice it is offered an optimal algorithm of physical workout and relaxation to achieve the best result during the training. This is medically proved fact.

It provides effect on different levels: body, energy, mind:

  • This is the best activity to manage weight and increase strength of the entire body. The muscles become much stronger but at the same time they are not getting enlarged.
  • Interval Workouts practice is boosting the energy, it unlocks our internal resources but it is not draining, it is amazingly energising.
  • This practice breaks through low emotional states, low self esteem, depression, anxiety, emotional imbalances etc. bringing you to the state of a “winner”.

Once you accomplished the first session you feel very powerful, enthusiastic, alive, clear minded, satisfied and simply happy.

This practice is absolutely safe, it is not possible to get any injury during the training.

Its is fully guided practice where you can just follow the demonstrations and instructions. And if you come across any position that you can not do due to physiological limitations, just use any modification.

Bonus: FREE video tutorial of Ujjayi breath training. Ujjayi breath is essential to use during this practice to get the best result. This type of breath is widely used in yoga traditions and creates a foundation for some Pranayama practices.

Feel free to contact us to ask questions and share your experience of this practice!

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*Contraindications: epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, alzheimer`s disease and diseases of the same field; hypertension for extended period of time for the age group above 60 years old.