one breath – one movement

Ashtanga Yoga is an ancient yoga practice which is evolved to help with moral, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development where practitioner can progress in order to reach the state of yoga – a union of mind, body and soul leading to self realization. Ashtanga means “eight limbs” or eIght parts and its important to understand each and every limb as they are interconnected and lead to final limb called “samadhi”, the realization of higher consciousness.

Mysore style

Mysore style, introducing those new to the practice or for those curious or simply too intimidated to try it out. Yes, it is a short video. It doesn’t cover every aspect of the practice but does give one a little taste. I think what is most important to communicate is that any BODY is welcome. It is for one. It is for all. As a teacher I will never turn anyone away who is willing no matter the limitation that may seem to be presented. At the end of the day it goes far beyond the performance of the body. What is most valuable is the illumination of heart, mind and spirit.