Water fasting as method used to effect on physiological processes in the body is the most effective instrument which is harmonising the work of the body generally.
The duration of the program is not that important, it might be one day or one month. Duration of the program is based on individual constitution of the participant according to Ayurvedic principles. So one person will have powerful healing effect from long duration of the program and the other person will have the same effects from the short program of water fasting.
Art of Adjustment
Without going into the details of anatomical aspects of efficiency of this method we can highlight following benefits and effects of the program:
  • During the water fasting the body does not get a source of nutrition as it normally gets. The body switches on reserve methods of getting the energy. During passive water wasting firstly the muscles are used for the nutrition. However during our program the muscles are actively involved into intensive work and that`s why the body will be using lipids as most powerful source of energy;
  • Different harmful formations, bacterias, viruses, toxins and other poisoning elements will be transformed to the energy as well;
  • Weak, diseased, dead cells of the body (particularly cells of the blood) will be used a source of nutrition of the body. It leads to elimination of sluggish effects within cardio vascular and other systems of the body. It also provides effect of restoration and rejuvenation of all body systems;
  • During the program the participant is releasing mental attachments and overcoming the weaknesses which improves overall mental health;
  • The body is also supported and stimulated by biologically active herbal restorative drinks and cleansing treatments;
  • During the program the participant is involved into different yoga practices which also includes breathing exercises;
  • Apart of the yoga practices and cleansing the participant is experiencing such a treatments as Ice Water, Su Djok (Korean acupuncture), Thai oil massage, medical cups.

Day structure:

6 am – 7.15 am Pranayama

7.30 am – 9.30 am Asana

9.30 am Brunch

1.00 pm – 2.30 pm Art of Adjustment

6.30 pm Dinner

Art of Adjustment
Art of Adjustment

Eligibility criteria

The applicant should understand Basic English/Russian language as the Yoga teacher training course is conducted in English language (Russian translation can be provided).

Prior experience or knowledge of Yoga is very helpful. More important is an open mind and eagerness to learn.

Registration process:

Write as an email to booking@taysp.com to inform us about your interest in taking the course;
We will send you the application form, please fill it and send it back to us;
We will send you the information about deposit transfer.
The deposit is 20,000 THB.
After we get the deposit we will send you the confirmation letter.

Art of Adjustment

Payment options and cancellation policy:

The deposit can be transferred by paypal/bank transfer/Western Union;
The balance due has to be paid on orientation day on arrival (paypal/bank transfer/cash);
All fees are non refundable. A student can transfer from one course to another at least one month before the start of that course to attend another. After this time fees are forfeited.


After completion of the course students will get Certificate of attendance of the course.


The food is vegetarian. To experience the good effects of the Yogic lifestyle please do not bring meat from outside to eat.

Art of Adjustment
The price includes accommodation, food, all classes, materials for the course.
special offer1,850 USD
2,470 USD


We accommodate our guests in private comfortable rooms in fully equipped houses at Land and House Park close to the Yoga Shala. Its a big private and quite area in a serene lush tropical setting near the lake.

For the convenience of the guests we provide bicycles to move around the park, going to the shops and to the beach. Guests have an access to the swimming pool either private swimming pool at the house or public at the Clubhouse. The allocation of the houses depends on availability on the moment of booking.

A refundable security deposit for the accommodation needs to be left at the check in. The deposit can be in any currency equivalent to 5,000 THB. If there is no loss or damage of the property the deposit is fully refundable at check out.

Guests can be offered to change the room which has same facilities during the period of stay.

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