Online Course

Yoga Nidra Training Course

Dates and time for live streaming sessions (Bangkok time zone):
12.00 pm – 14.00 Theory / 14.30 – 16.30 Theory and practice
Platform: zoom

23/01/2021 (Saturday)
24/01/2021 (Sunday)
30/01/2021 (Saturday)
95 USD

The whole training will be recorded and available for all participants.
Even the student is not able to be in time for scheduled online sessions he/she can have recorded trainings to do the studies. The lectures will be uploaded at one of our resources with limited access and shared among participants.
We will also create a closed group chat to communicate and share materials and thoughts.

TAYSP is offering a 28 hours online Yoga Nidra Training Course of Classic Yoga Nidra in the tradition of Swami Satyananda Saraswati.
During the course you will learn theory of Yoga Nidra practice and will be trained in teaching aspects of leading Yoga Nidra sessions.
This course is designed mainly for teachers and practitioners who wish to expand and deepen their knowledge of classic Yoga Nidra and get necessary skills for leading Yoga Nidra sessions.
This course is designed mainly for teachers and practitioners who wish to expand and deepen their knowledge of classic Yoga Nidra and get necessary skills for leading Yoga Nidra sessions.
The course includes live streaming of 9 hours of theory and 3 hours of practice, 16 pre recorded Yoga Nidra sessions for personal practice, ebook of Swami Satynanda Saraswati “Yoga Nidra”, edited script to lead the sessions.
What will you learn: the structure of Yoga Nidra, how does it work, how to do the sessions of this practice safely and efficiently, how to consult practitioners attending your sessions.
What skills will you develop: to do Yoga Nidra sessions in a full and reduced variations having a complete understanding of the practice.


  • ” Introduction and historical overview;
  • ” Importance of relaxation techniques in yoga practice and in daily life. The effects of relaxation techniques in psychotherapy;
  • ” Detailed overview of the structure of the practice;
  • ” How to do the sessions accurately, what to do if something goes wrong, voice management, the power of words, pauses, intonations, safety, ethics.
  • ” Recommendations for background sounds;
  • ” Extraordinary experiences, side effects, typical reactions and questions of practitioners, how to communicate with practitioners;
  • ” How to modify the practice;
Exams for certification (subject to extra fee 45USD):
The students would need to do the test answering key questions that cover entire course materials;
The students would need to record their Yoga Nidra session including introduction before the practice and send it to Sofya for review. If there should be some corrections in the voice management etc Sofya will send her comments to improve.
It is not necessary to do certification if there is no plan to teach Yoga Nidra.
Teacher: Sofya Linkova
Sofya has obtained a BA degree in theology and philosophy, studies and practice yoga since 2005 in India and all over the world, teaching Yoga Nidra since 2013. One of the leading teachers at TAYSP who fully covers philosophy, meditations, yoga nidra.
Yoga Therapy of Digestive System Training Course
Payment options and cancellation policy:
The course fee is paid in full before the course starts;
The course fee can be transferred by paypal/bank transfer;
All fees are non refundable. A student can transfer from one course to another at least one month before the start of that course to attend another. After this time fees are forfeited.
Registration process:
Write as an email to to inform us about your interest in taking the course;
We will send you the application form, please fill it and send it back to us;
We also recommend to request an interview if you have any questions so we could clarify all details before the course starts.
It is also possible to send us your questions via email above.
Course fee: 90 USD which includes all live sessions and trainings, individual support of the teacher during the studying process.
  • Marisha B Avatar
    Marisha B
    5 star rating

    Отличный опыт Спасибо за практику, за короткое время помогли обратить внимание на многие важные моменты, которые до этого ускользали от меня во время практики. При возможности обязательно вернусь.

  • Kanjana Dawongsa Avatar
    Kanjana Dawongsa

    Very very very good for your body and your mind
    you will get Strong energy every time when you come here � Teacher they are professional � Every time when I come to practice here i always happy and I tell my self ... I Will Do Not Give Up...� I love Yoga I love TAYSP❤️Namaste every one��

  • Isadora Finger Bittencourt Avatar
    Isadora Finger Bittencourt

    I did for one month (february/2017) the TCC course on TAYSP! It was a fantastic experience. Sofia and Rich are extremely good professionals, and their dedication, skills, techniques, personalities and knowledge are complementary and super high level. The course was a selection of the most important and relevant things that a teacher need to know, giving an extraordinary base and confidence for con... read more

  • Raquel Rodriguez Avatar
    Raquel Rodriguez

    I came to TAYSP in August last year to do a short intensive course, and It was a very rewarding experience however short, that I decided to go for a longer intensive and improve on my pranayama and asana practice, and as usual my expectation was exceeded, accomodation was even better, the healthy food or sattvic diet they provide fits the yogic lifestyle, and the most important is the program they... read more

  • Evgeniya Pukha Avatar
    Evgeniya Pukha

    TAYSP is a great place for practice.
    I liked its atmosphere and that it's always hot there.
    Sonya and Rich are very attentive and confident teachers.
    Be prepared for intensive practice and new achievements 🙂