Outer manifestation of the age is an indication of the general condition of the body including the work of all organs and systems. There are multiple factors that affect our wellbeing, some of which include pollution, low quality food, water spoiled by industrial emission, overuse of medicine, electromagnetic emanation from household equipment, mobile phones, computers, stress and passive lifestyle.

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 All these factors effect on our condition!

The human body is like a clock. Arrows move forward and we are getting old. Every second millions of our body cells die and leave the body and every second millions of new cells appear and substitute dead cells. This process is supposed to be in harmony and balance but it does not happen the way it was planned.  Unfortunately not all weak cells die and leave, some of them stay and keep the place using the vital energy and they prevent rejuvenation of the body. Not all dead cells leave the body and they group colonies that weaken the immune system. What is aging process? New cell is a kind of copy of the previous one but its weaker and since the weaker cells come to the place of previous strong ones continuously the body experiencing the aging process. Due to factors described above the quality of new cells is much lower that it could be and the aging process is speeded up .Over the years mutations happen in the DNA, decomposition products of damaged proteins and lipids are accumulated in cells. Besides that cells operate their functions less efficiently and it leads to slowing down the regeneration of organs, decrease a muscle mass, weakening the immune system, decreasing mental capacity and so on. Mentioned above changes are just a small part of all  not very pleasant processes that occur in the aging body.

As per experts report there are around 75 to 100 trillions of cells in human body. We can say that cells are construction material of the body, we all consist of cells and our well being depends on their health.

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This process can not be stopped but we know how to slow it down to a great extent! We know how to effect on quality of new cells, how to effect on cell regeneration in time and how to stimulate dead cells clearance.


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  1. Healthy vegetarian food;
  2. Fruit and vegetable juices – using the combinations of fruit and vegetable juices which allows us to effect on some processes in the body and slow down the other processes;
  3. Cleansing cocktails – they are used additionally for reaching better results. We use some traditional Indian ayurvedic herbal medicine based on natural ingredients which help very effectively and harmlessly to clean intestine without dehydration of the body and since the effect is strong the result could be seen in a short time;
  4. Live-giving water – one of the most effective parts of the treatment. During the course the regular water has to be substituted with alkaline water;
  5. Herbal brews – The use of herbal brews. The knowledge of herbs healing qualities allows us to provide the selection of herbal brews according to individual needs of the guests;
  6. The use of breathing techniques –  daily breathing exercises ensure improvement of the body condition in all its areas, purify energy channels and bring the entire human organization to harmony;  
  7. A range of cleansing procedures which help to get rid of stuck waste products:
    a) enema;
    b) massage;
    c) cloth swallowing;
    d) sauna;
    e) cleansing of nasal channels;
  8. Liver cleansing – will be offered only for the people who are ready for this procedure as its a kind of stress for the body;
  9. 9. Yoga. The entire detox complex is done along with daily Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, the modified complex of yoga will be designed by our specialists;
  10. Yoga therapy –  any dysfunctions in a work of the body can be fixed by yoga therapy, the complex of specific exercises is used for bringing in balance the needed area and strengthen the positive effect of the whole treatment plan;
  11. Cold water treatment – It boosts the immune system and prepares the body for survival which leads to bringing in balance all body systems and strengthen the effect of the treatment plan;
  12. Su Jok – Korean acupuncture, its very effective and safe as work is done using only the surface of the palm, by activating some spots we open hidden resources of the body for detox process;  
  13. Meditation – one of the most important aspect of the course as during the meditation we do deep purification of the mind which is actually the initial cause of all troubles. We use different meditation techniques;
  14. Yoga Nidra – this technique is used for work with the mind which allows to reach the total relaxation, focus on sensation and be stable in this condition;

Weather you wish to take detox, anti-aging or weight loss programmes we highly recommend to take 2 weeks propaedeutic recovering course of yoga therapy before.

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You life...Is your choice
All these factors effect on our condition
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