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Yoga Therapy for The Breathing System

Dates and time for live streaming sessions (Bangkok time zone):
Each day we will have 4 hours of training: 12.00 pm – 14.00 14.30 – 16.30 Platform: zoom

3 July 2021
4 July 2021
10 July 2021
11 July 2021
17 July 2021
18 July 2021
24 July 2021
25 July 2021
200 USD

The whole training will be recorded and available for all participants.
Even the student is not able to be in time for scheduled online sessions he/she can have recorded trainings to do the studies. The lectures will be uploaded at one of our resources with limited access and shared among participants.
We will also create a closed group chat to communicate and share materials and thoughts.

TAYSP is offering a unique online program “Yoga Therapy for Breathing System and Pranayama Training, Foundations”.
During this course we will have 32 hours of theory and practice where we will do special emphasis on anatomical aspect of the practice and where we become very clear about correct performance, benefits, contraindications influence on bodily systems.
We will learn structure of the breathing systems, its functions and aspects.

We will study Yoga Therapy Sequence for all levels of strength and flexibility. This sequence can be used by the healthy people just to prevent issues and stay healthy and can be used by people with health issues as a healing program.

Also we will learn rehabilitation sequence – Interval Workouts with all details and alignment of the postures.
We will take our time to explore all existing pathologies* of the spinal column, structure, functioning of all elements.

And also we will learn most common pathologies:
1. Bronchial asthma
2. Bronchiectasis
3. Pleurisy
4.Chronic obstruction of lung disease
And after we will learn and practice methods of influence: 
1. Breathing exercises
2. Cleansing techniques
It is also important to dedicate some time to emergency cases and first aid.

Yoga Therapy has a system approach, it works with body as one organism, so we learn specifically therapeutical aspect of the practice and get to know what what techniques and what variations could be used to help with healing number of ailments including chronicle head ache, the issues of reproductive system, vegetative system, digestive system, cardio vascular system.

Also we will have a unique trainings for fine motor skills improvements and rehabilitation sequence – Interval Workouts with details and alignment of the postures.

We will study different variations of techniques with modifications as well as we discover different degree of difficulty of the practices.

As a bonus we have prepare the overview of the following topics:

Concept of prana an pranayama, historical overview of pranayama as a practice, the role of pranayama in yoga system, mantras in pranayama, subtle anatomy (nadis, Kundalini, grants, chakras), mudras in pranayama, bandpass, samskaras and influence of subconscious mind.

Yoga Therapy for The Breathing System

Payment options and cancellation policy:

The course fee can be paid in full before the course starts or the fee can be split into the parts and pay by instalments (four instalments);
The course fee can be transferred by paypal/bank transfer;
All fees are non refundable. A student can transfer from one course to another at least one month before the start of that course to attend another. After this time fees are forfeited.
Registration process:
Write as an email to to inform us about your interest in taking the course;
We will send you the application form, please fill it and send it back to us;
We also recommend to request an interview if you have any questions so we could clarify all details before the course starts.
It is also possible to send us your questions via email above.
Course fee: 200 USD which includes all live sessions and trainings, individual support of the teacher during the studying process.
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    Отличный опыт Спасибо за практику, за короткое время помогли обратить внимание на многие важные моменты, которые до этого ускользали от меня во время практики. При возможности обязательно вернусь.

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    Isadora Finger Bittencourt

    I did for one month (february/2017) the TCC course on TAYSP! It was a fantastic experience. Sofia and Rich are extremely good professionals, and their dedication, skills, techniques, personalities and knowledge are complementary and super high level. The course was a selection of the most important and relevant things that a teacher need to know, giving an extraordinary base and confidence for con... read more

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    Преподователи от Бога! Где-то три с половиной года назад когда в моей жизни появилась чёрная полоса не было ни сил ни стимула к жизни, я постоянно задавалась вопросами зачем я живу зачем я пришла в этот мир.... как не странно Бог меня услышал и направил меня! Я начала посяшать Йога занятия но первое время не очень пошло думала это не для меня. В один прекрасный день я зашла на класс Аштанга виньясы йоги с Ричом! После п... read more

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    Подготовка учителей Аштанги Программа была очень профессиональной и информативной. Инструкторы добры и увлечены тем, что они делают. Я проводил 200-часовой 28-дневный тренинг для учителей, но там были другие люди, которые проходили разные курсы, такие как программы детоксикации. Все были очень напряженными и сложными, но определенно стоили того! Если вы ищете высококачественную и энергичную школу йоги для подготовки учителей... read more

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    Отличная школа Когда мы планировали поездку на Пхукет, я искала, где преподают аштангу. Нашла эту школу в интернете, на сайте было актуальное расписание. Мне очень понравились классы, внимательный преподаватель, интенсивные правки, не даёт филонить и ныть. Говорят на русском и английском, так что языкового барьера не было. Суперполезный опыт, когда попадаешь к новому преподавателю, всегда узнаешь что-то новое дл... read more