7 January – 4 February 2018

25th of March – 22nd of April 2018

12 February – 11 March 2018

6 May – 3 June 2015th

5 August – 2nd September 2018

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Enroll yourself into Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Course in Phuket, Thailand.

Traditional Ashtanga Yoga Shala Phuket (TAYSP) offers the ideal program for experienced practitioners and beginners either one wish to deepen the practice or start the yoga journey. The course is organized in a way where participants discover a lot of new information and develop useful skills to cover different aspects of yoga practice.  The schedules of daily classes, healthy food, comfortable accommodation, friendly atmosphere create perfect conditions for the student to progress quickly and develop an enjoyable personal practice bringing health to body and mind.

During the course we study the main aspects and principles of Ashtanga Yoga and implement the knowledge into the practice.

We build the solid practice based on vinyasa system, applying bandhas, drishti and using Ujayi breath. We discover the foundation of each asana and its modifications, body alignment, we learn therapeutic effect of asanas and we do additional trainings for building the strength and flexibility to improve the practice. We take a journey to explore inner and outer sequence of Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series to make a daily asana practice a meditation experience.


The course also includes training in pranayama practice. Students are guided to practice a number of pranayama techniques consistently, they take their time to deepen the understanding of this ancient practice and strengthen the control of the breath.

During the course we learn kriya techniques – ancient purification exercises which help to purify the body and prepare ourselves for pranayama and asana practice. The students are provided with basic equipment for these cleansing practices. 

  Intensive yoga course is not complete without focusing on work with the mind. Even the asana, pranayama and kriya required a deep concentration students get additional experience and training in yoga nidra and meditation. It helps to change the habitual patterns of the mind which is essential for self development and inner growth.

Students are also introduced to yoga philosophy and main ancient yoga texts as it gives a strong theoretical foundation of the practice.


6.15 am – 7.15 am Pranayama/Meditation/Chanting

7.30 am – 9.30 am Ashtanga asana practice (Mysore/Led)

10.00 am – Brunch

13.00 – 14.00 – Workshop/Yoga Therapy/Training/Lecture

14.30 – 15.30 – Yoga Nidra

15.30 – 16.00 – tea

16.00 – 17.00 – Lecture/Yoga Therapy/Training/Meditation/Self-study

17.30 – Dinner

20.00 – Guided meditation/Chanting

The schedule might be changed depending on needs and practice progress of the students.


The confirmation of booking is done after deposit recieved.

Deposit instructions and details will be sent to you once you receive your letter of acceptance, Payment methods (Bank Transfer / PayPal /Western Union). The rest of the payment may be made on orientation day.

  • Isadora F Avatar

    5 star rating   “AMAZING EXPERIENCE!! Hard work and a lot of learning!!” I did for one month (february/2017) the TCC course on TAYSP!... read more

    Isadora F 3/05/2017
    Isadora Finger Bittencourt Avatar

    5 star rating   I did for one month (february/2017) the TCC course on TAYSP! It was a fantastic experience. Sofia and Rich are... read more

    Isadora Finger Bittencourt 3/03/2017
    C_Oiwa Singapore Avatar

    5 star rating   took 200H Ashtanga teacher training. I did not realise until I finished their course, how high their teacher training standard... read more

    C_Oiwa Singapore 10/05/2016
    Marian Kadota Avatar

    5 star rating   My life has been in a major transition and I wasn’t coping well. I decided to go to a yoga... read more

    Marian Kadota 3/08/2017
  • Kanjana Dawongsa Avatar

    5 star rating   Very very very good for your body and your mind
    you will get Strong energy every time when you come here... read more

    Kanjana Dawongsa 9/11/2016
    Raquel Rodriguez Avatar

    5 star rating   I came to TAYSP in August last year to do a short intensive course, and It was a very rewarding... read more

    Raquel Rodriguez 3/03/2017
    Evgeniya Pukha Avatar

    5 star rating   TAYSP is a great place for practice.
    I liked its atmosphere and that it's always hot there.
    Sonya and Rich are very... read more

    Evgeniya Pukha 2/24/2017
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    5 star rating   This is a long review but the main point is TAYSP provides experienced caring programs that produce results and I... read more

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is defined according to the package purchased

Refund policy: All fees are non refundable. A student can transfer from one course to another at least one month before the start of that course to attend another. After this time fees are forfeited.

During the course we provide accommodation and food which is included in course price.